The Fraction Wars Deck

A few years ago I discovered Nat Banting’s Fraction Talks on Twitter, and had soon devoured every thought-provoking image he had created and posted. I credit Nat for fanning the passion for math flames that David Wees sparked in me a year prior.

I started experimenting with partitioning myself, connecting and erasing lines marking halves, quarters, eighths, and the intersections they created. The result of all that drawing and erasing was a lot of Fraction Talk images — well over 200. I used them for Fraction Talks in the classroom and played different games.

The result of all this is the Fraction Wars deck: 183 cards, 4 games, and 2 discussion starters. I am certain that there are many more games just waiting to be played. Then a problem arose: I know very few teachers (myself included) who has time to cut and laminate 183 cards.

So now I turn to Kickstarter. I am awaiting estimates from our prospective game producer and then a Kickstarter campaign will be launched; we are hoping this will happen before the end of August. In the meantime, those who want a PDF version of the deck can email me at for a copy. Emailing me for a PDF copy of the deck also puts you on an email list to be notified when the Kickstarter goes live.

I owe a huge thank-you to Nat, Marie, David, my colleagues, and my wife. Thank you.

Carla Dawson